JG TV – In the Booth “Love 2nite”

I have no problem admiting that “Love 2nite” is one of the most difficult songs for me perform live, so many high notes and it’s in a key that’s let’s say is not my most comfortable.

So I decided to make the 1st of a series of videos called “In the Booth” which will basically be me, at home in my studio, singing various tracks… ooh how exciting (sarcasm) either with acoustic guitar or just plain straight accapella.

In the Booth’s first episode is fittingly “Love 2nite”

Not the best performance ever, but if you put aside the stupid hat, various grunts and odd faces, it’s not a bad start I guess.

Feel free to give me song suggestions at my twitter which is @JamieGeorgeUK or alternatively my Facebook page which is also /JamieGeorge UK

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